Night Peacock


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Night Peacock (2016) sinopsis Elsa (Liu Yifei) is a Chinese flautist who is a French citizen. (Several months ago, while a guest flautist with a music group in Chengdu, Sichuan province, China, she had met Ma Rong [Li Ming] who worked at a silkworm factory, where he played elegies on his traditional flute for all the silkworms that have to die to produce cocoons for industrial use.) In Paris she contacts his younger brother, Ma Jianmin (Liu Ye), a professional tatooist who has stayed on in the country after splitting up with a French woman. She asks him to tattoo a silkworm larva on her ankle. In her flat she keeps the larva of a Night Peacock moth. (In Chengdu, Elsa had asked Ma Rong to teach her to play the shakuhachi 尺八, a Japanese bamboo flute she’d had made from pictures, but he had refused.) Ma Jianmin says he would like to tattoo a Night Peacock moth on Elsa’s back, as her skin is so perfect. (In Chengdu she had read about the ailanthus tree, on which the larva of the Night Peacock moth feeds.

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